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Setting up new standards in hospital And Clinic management


Medtele is the modern Hospital management software system for running any type of Hospital. It bundles Unified Communications. It features complete business process automation and integration of communication technologies like voice calls and text messaging  that connect patients and doctors in such a way that never before imagined.


MEDTELE Health Management System provides user-friendly dashboards with log-in access for the administrators, Doctors, non-doctor staff, patients, and management personnel of your Hospital.




MEDTELE Health Management System is developed over unified communications platform, It empowers hospital management with business and communications automation and much better interactions and connections with patients.





MEDTELE Health Management System is designed to operate at a high level of security that could be customized to meet individual hospitals’ needs and Administration can allow specific permission to different users.

Advantages Of

MEDTELE Health management System

Better Communication
Improved Processes
Digital Medical Records
Staff Interaction
Less time consuming
Patient Self service
Better Customer experience
Real time Audio – VIdeo Conferencing
Administrative Control
Financial Control

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Medtele Telehealth Technology

Modern technology has changed our lifestyle. Especially when it comes to the Internet, it has completely changed our lifestyle. Our methods of interacting with loved ones, of traveling, of availing ourselves of facilities, of purchasing goods, and of performing many other tasks have changed.

A similar transformation has occurred in the health-care industry as well. In particular, when it comes to telehealth, modern technology has revolutionized the health-care industry. The way patients interact with health-care professionals has become much more comfortable and flexible